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HIDU Industrial Co., Ltd.HIDU Industrial Co., Ltd.


Hidu began as a household industry. Hidu's factory was built at its current location in 1980 and was called Yun Chen Industrial Co., Ltd. At present, Hidu have automatic lathes, CNC, and mechanical instruments. We also have our own assembly line to assemble connectors. We started by selling our connectors to domestic trading companies. Since 1994 Hidu have exported our connectors directly overseas under the name of Hidu. In 1995 we established a sister company, Gan Han Industrial Co., Ltd., which is now working together with Hidu to develop further markets. Our rebuilt factory and office were completed in November 1997. Hidu hope to continually improve our quality and offer our customers ever better products and service.

Basic Info

Business Type:Exporter,Manufacturer
Capital:1,000,000 - 5,000,000 USD
Annual Turnover:1,000,000 - 5,000,000 USD
Year Established:1980
Number of employee:40
Products/Services we offer:RF Connector, Coaxial Connectors, Coaxial Cables, F Female, Solder Type, Bulkhead Receptacle, EUROPEAN female screw-on , TV coaxial jack , BNC female crimp type,connectors, adapters, connectors supplier, adapter, Connectors,
Plugs/Sockets/Connectors, Coaxial Cables, Coaxial Connector, RF Connector , Communication Wires and Cables, Plugs/Sockets/Connectors, Telecom Cable Assemblies, Coaxial Cables, Fiber-Optic Cables, A/V cable assemblies, A/V Connectors, Coaxial Connectors, Fiber Optic Connectors, Telecom Connectors, connector, wire connector, connectors,
usb connectors, usb connector, audio connector, electrical wire connector, Connectors, connector, Cable, mini connector, custom connector,, rf power, usb connector, coaxial cable
, cable, electric connectors, coax cable connector, coax cable connectors, connectors coaxial cable, wiring connectors, hdmi cable, coaxial cable splitter, firewire connectors, connector usb, coaxial cable splitter, firewire connectors, connector usb, coaxial cable connector, flat coaxial cable, power cable, coaxial cable connectors, coax cable connectors, coax connectors, electric connectors, coaxial cable adapter, tv cable
, coax cable assemblies, coax assemblies, coaxial cable wire, Screws, brass screws, double screw
, screw boss, screw specification, screw fixation, fastener, screwdriver,
QA/QC Service:In House
OEM Service:Yes

Contact Info

Company Name:HIDU Industrial Co., Ltd.(Exporter,Manufacturer)
Contact Person:MR. HUANG YI-NAN
Business Address:No.12, Ln. 7, Zhongshan 9th St., Guiren Dist., , Tainan City , Taiwan